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Introducing RISE Christmas Gift Box featuring sake lees pound cake and chocolate by Suzue Aoyama, RISE original blend coffee and a special extra addition of aged sake lees from Dojima Sake Brewery. The perfectly baked pound cake and chocolate have a distinct fragrance and subtle sweetness with a rich, full flavour.

Sake lees is used in the ganache giving it a faint aroma of sake, an ideal match for RISE original blend coffee.


This gift box also includes aged sake lees from Dojima brewery, along with some simple recipes on how use it. Hard to get hold of and with all kinds of health and skincare benefits, sake lees is also a great addition to any kitchen, adding a wonderful depth and fullness to various dishes.


There is a very limited supply of these gift boxes so please order by contacting us directly as soon as possible. Delivery will be around 21st-22nd December and shipping costs apply. The chocolate and pound cake will keep for about 10 days after delivery.

Special Christmas Gift Set

SKU: 364215376135191
  • Pound Cake  18cm x 7.5cm x 8cm

    Chocolate x4    2.5cm x 2.5cm each

    Coffee beans   200g

    3 years mature Sake Lees  200g

    Box Size  33cm x 22cm x 10cm

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